Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Protect Your Investment: Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Please don't make the mistake of waiting until it's too late to fix your HVAC system. When your air conditioning system breaks down, it can result in major consequences and extra costs.

Maintaining your HVAC system is crucial to ensure it runs smoothly when needed. With our help, you can avoid any potential HVAC issues. We offer regular maintenance and tune-up services to maintain your equipment.

Our comprehensive program assesses every component of your system and makes necessary repairs to prevent any unexpected downtime.

Don't let HVAC problems catch you off guard, especially during the hot summers or cold winters—Trust Tanous Heating and Cooling to smoothly keep your heating and cooling system running all year round. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment!

HVAC Maintenance & Tune-Up Contract?

An HVAC maintenance contract is simply an agreement for an HVAC specialist to perform regular maintenance on your system. You can sign a long-term HVAC maintenance contract that sets a contracted schedule for regular servicing. This gives you the peace of mind that your current HVAC system will receive maintenance at the required times.

At Tanous Heating and Cooling, we offer HVAC maintenance contracts that suit the individual needs of our customers. We’re happy to work with you to determine your current system's best contract and schedule.

What is included in an Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our skilled technicians perform various tasks to keep your system running efficiently during an air conditioning maintenance service.

These tasks include:

  • Adjust balancing dampers to improve comfort
  • Replace filters to reduce compressor strain
  • Inspect & adjust blower assembly to extend motor life
  • Check CFMs to ensure proper airflow across the coil
  • Visually inspect ductwork to identify air leaks
  • Measure and record voltage and amperage
  • Inspect the evaporator coil to ensure proper efficiency
  • Rinse the outside condenser with biodegradable acid
  • Tighten electrical connections ensuring uninterrupted operation
  • Inspect and test controls for safety
  • Adjust fan speed to prevent wasted energy
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Test refrigerant charge to ensure optimum levels
  • Verify A/C is draining properly at the time of service and that nothing is clogged
  • Calibrate thermostat settings for accurate control

We also assess the overall performance of your system to identify any potential issues and make necessary repairs to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Our comprehensive maintenance service ensures that your air conditioning system operates optimally, keeping you cool and comfortable all summer.

How frequently should a cooling system be maintained?

At least once a year, especially in the spring before the summer, you should get your air conditioner serviced. By doing this, it is made sure that the system is fully functional and leak-free.

It can be frustrating and uncomfortable when an air conditioner or heating equipment breaks down, especially in extreme temperatures. Regular maintenance and tune-ups are essential to preventing unanticipated issues. Our skilled staff can spot possible issues during servicing immediately and make the required corrections or replacements to keep your system operating as intended.

Regular maintenance increases your HVAC system's effectiveness while preventing inconvenient interruptions. System failure can increase energy use, raising utility costs. You may prevent excessive energy consumption and make long-term financial savings by planning routine maintenance.

Major HVAC replacements or repairs can be expensive, especially for bigger homes. Regular maintenance, however, is a smart investment that can save exorbitant replacement costs. When compared to the inexpensive cost of routine maintenance, even small repairs can be expensive. Your susceptibility to excessive expenditures can be decreased by routinely servicing your system.

Lastly, regular upkeep can increase the HVAC system's lifespan, which is crucial to maximize your investment. By avoiding problems that would impair your system's functionality, you could extend its life and postpone expensive replacements. Our business is dedicated to assisting you in maintaining the performance of your system. Please make an appointment for maintenance with us immediately to ensure your system runs efficiently for many years.

What are the most common signs that an air conditioning unit needs maintenance?

It's essential to know the signs that your air conditioning unit needs maintenance to keep it running efficiently and effectively. The most common signs that an air conditioning unit needs maintenance include the following:

  1. The air coming out of the unit is warm or not as cold as it used to be.
  2. The unit makes strange noises, such as grinding, squealing, or rattling.
  3. Unusual smells, such as burning or musty odors, come from the unit.
  4. The unit cycles on and off frequently or fails to turn on.
  5. Higher energy bills than usual.

If you notice any of these signs, it's time to call in a professional for an air conditioning service and maintenance check.

Regular maintenance can help keep your air conditioning unit in good condition and running as efficiently as possible.

What steps should be taken to ensure the air conditioning unit runs efficiently?

To make sure your air conditioning unit is running as efficiently as possible, you should:

  1. Change the air filters regularly – This is the most important step in keeping your AC unit running efficiently. Dirty filters can lead to a build-up of dust and dirt, which can reduce the airflow and make the unit work harder and less efficiently.
  2. Clean the indoor coil – Keeping the indoor coil clean is essential for efficient air conditioning performance. This should be done every spring to ensure proper airflow and maximize system efficiency.
  3. Check the outdoor coil – Check the outdoor coil for any debris or dirt, which can restrict the airflow and reduce efficiency.
  4. Clean the air vents – Cleaning them will help ensure the air reaches its destination.
  5. Regularly inspect the unit – Inspecting the unit to ensure all components are in working order can help you quickly identify and address issues before they become bigger problems.

6. Have the unit professionally serviced – Professional servicing can help to identify minor problems before they become major ones. A regular servicing schedule can help keep the unit running efficiently for years.

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Bill H
Bill H
I’ve had the fortune to learn about Tanous 6 years ago from a neighbor who used them to replace an entire HVAC system. Since then, I’ve used Tanous multiple times to resolve HVAC issues in my condos,... ranging from small lowrise buildings with in-unit central HVACs to a large high-rise building with geothermal heat pumps.Just last week, 2 condos’ HVACs stopped blowing heat and Chris at Tanous scheduled their technician Jonny to come diagnose the problem the very next day. Jonny identified the malfunctions: the expansion valve in the Trane commercial heat pump in my high-rise condo and the gas valve in the residential Goodman unit in my low-rise. With the Trane, being a commercial unit, parts are difficult to obtain yet Jonny was able to order one and come back on Monday President’s day. To my delight, upon dismantling the unit Jonny found he could instead replace and repair a small part of, instead of replacing the entire, expansion valve. That cut the cost in half, and I only found out then that Jonny had suspected a possible repair and brought the small part with him just in case. For the Goodman unit, Jonny took the same approach – instead of immediately replacing the gas valve he managed to fix it, and again halved the cost of a complete replacement. Finally Jonny gave me great advice on the age of both units, their expected end-of-life and how I should consider the consequences between proactive, preventative replacements vs wait until further break-downs.This honesty, integrity and advice are exceedingly rare these days, and is why I am lucky to have found Tanous and people like Jonny and Chris who make up that great more
Siya D.
Siya D.
I am amazed by customer service provided by Tanous. I hire some garbage plumber to install my Navien Tankless water heater. He created a big mess and installed improperly. Mike the owner called me... and met and was so kind and sent his employees very next day and took care of everything in less than 5 hours. I am so thankful for a business that is more than a business. Mike genuinely cares about people and not the more
Rasha M.
Rasha M.
We hired Tanous Heating & Cooling to install a new A/C unit in our Hoboken Condo. Our experience with this company has been wonderful. They offered us competitive pricing, and outstanding service... especially regarding the follow ups they made. Clearly they are committed to provide the highest level of service! Their customer service is very prompt and attentive even during the peak of last summer’s heat! Thank You!read more
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